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Paragraph on postman :- The postman is a government employee under the Department of Posts. He is easily recognized by us. His uniform includes a khaki shirt, khaki trousers and a khaki turban or cap. He carries a leather bag over his shoulder. The bag is filled with letters, parcels, money orders etc. He also holds some letters in his hand.

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The postman is obliged to perform many difficult duties. When the sun is burning on his head, he has to go from house to house to deliver postage. If there is a registered letter or parcel or money order or unpaid letter, they must sign the receipt after delivery of the account until the receipt is signed.

Even in cold bites during the winter season, he cleverly performs his duties. In this way, the postman never cares for the scorching sun, the rainy day and the harsh winter. He tries to be punctual and regular because any small mistake can endanger his job.

The job of the village postman is even more difficult. He has to go from one village to another. If he has no circle, he goes on foot. He has to walk about ten miles daily. He does not go to Ivy village every day. One or two days prescribed for each village. He sends letters to the villagers. He brings his letters to the post office. Sometimes they have to write and read their letters.

Day by day the poor postman comes and brings news of happiness to many. Sometimes he brings appointment letters to some. These are moments when the postman is most welcomed. However, sometimes he also brings sad news. But we never cursed him for this. Instead we always wait for him eagerly. He is a very important member of society. Their services are very useful for us.

The postman lives a fierce life. But he never says anything to anyone about his problems. He looks smiling giving us the letter. Some good people feel the harshness of his life and sometimes interrupt him. But that is not enough.

An honest effort from the government is very important. A person who performs such important services to the public should be given a handsome salary so that he can lead a respectable life.

J. Miller has rightly said, “It  a great disgrace for us as a nation that if we are content to use the strength of a class of men and take no responsibility for their material and moral welfare.” ” “The proper name of an independent country if our public servants, without whom we cannot do it, are bound to live difficult lives.

He can barely complete both with his small income. A village postman leads a more lively life than a postman in the city. Thus a postman is a very important person in our society. We cannot think of a decent life without the services of a postman. We should give them reasons of respect and try to improve their situation.

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Paragraph on postman

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