Essay on My Best Friend in English

Essay on My Best Friend in English

Essay on My Best Friend in English:- Friendship is one of the biggest blessings that not everyone is lucky for. We meet many people in the journey of life but there are few who leave their mark on us. My best friend is a person who is able to positively impact my life. We have been a part of each other’s life for the longest time and our friendship is still developing. Most importantly, I feel extremely lucky to have someone in my life as a best friend. In this essay on your best friend, I will tell you about how we became friends and its best qualities.

Essay on my best friend|Essay on My Best Friend in English|My Academic Era

Our friendship

Our friendship started when my best friend came to our class as a new entrant. At first we were hesitant to talk to each other, but gradually we developed a bond. I remember the first time my best friend tried to talk to me; I rolled my eyes because I felt there was no use and we would not kill it. However, to my surprise, we became best friends by the end of the session year.


We learned a lot of things about each other and found out that our taste in music was similar. Since then, there was no stopping us. We spent all our time together and our friendship became a matter of class. We used to help each other in studies and also went to each other’s house.


Over our summer vacation, we went to a summer camp together and made lots of memories. Apart from this, we also invented our handshake, which we both knew. Through this bond, I came to know that the family did not end up with blood because my best friend was no less than my family.

Qualification of my best friend

My best friend has qualities that make me just love her. He is kind to everyone, even animals. We have grown up like sisters and she is my elder sister because she has always protected me from bullies.

He is academically and intelligent in life. My class performance was not so good when she joined my school, but with her help I was able to do better. Her fashion sense is impeccable. She always steals everyone’s attention when we walk together, which makes me invisible. We have a very imaginative mind. Sometimes we just plan our future and it is amazing how he jokes about everything. She wants to become a doctor just like her father and she believes in humanity.

Our common interests:

Apart from studies, we both have a common interest in table tennis. We both joined an academy and went to practice together in the evening. The only difference in our habits, perhaps, while I was right-handed, was a left-handed person. But it was also a blessing for us in disguise because that is why we made a good team and were also selected in our school team to play as a doubles team. We both won several competitions together and earned praise in school. This made our parents as well as school teachers very proud of us.

Essay on My Best Friend in English

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