Essay on Holi in English-500words


Essay on Holi in English.

Holi  a very famous festival of colors celebrated by the people of India every year or in the month of Falgun ‘or March. It is a festival of lots of fun and delightful activities especially for children who start a week before the festival and continue a week after the festival. Holi  celebrated in the month of March by people of Hinduism all over the country, especially in North India.

Essay on Holi in English|holi|My Academic Era

  Story and story behind the festival

There are many stories and legends behind celebrating Holi in India. It is a festival of great importance and importance. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that the celebration of Holi started long ago when Holika was burnt in a fire and was trying to kill her own nephew in the fire.

It i believed that the younger Prahlada’s father  a demon king named Hiranyakashipu. Who tried to kill his own son in the fire when Prahlada refused to worship him because Prahlada  a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. When Hiranyakashipa failed in many of his strategies to kill Prahlada. He ordered his own sister Holika to take Prahlada on his lap and sit in the fire. As he had the boon of never harming him with fire.

However, this strategy also failed because Prahlada  a devotee of Lord Vishnu and  saved by his God. Holika burnt in the fire and Prahlad survived. From that day onwards, people of Hinduism started celebrating Holi every year.

  Holika and its customs

On the day before Holi, people put a pile of wood on the cross roads and burn it as a symbol of Holika and celebrate the ‘Holika Dahan’ ceremony. People make several rounds of Holika burning and worship it to get blessings of prosperity and good health by burning all sins and diseases in the fire. There is also a practice in North India where people massage the body using mustard paste and then burn it in a bonfire and hope to get rid of all the diseases and evils of the body.

  How do we celebrate Holi?

The next morning, after ‘Hanika Holika Dahan’, people celebrate the colorful festival of Holi to be together at one place and play each other colors. Preparations for Holi begin a week before the main festival. People, especially children, are highly enthusiastic who start buying different colors a week before the day.

They even start playing with their friends, neighbors and relatives in color with ‘k pichkari’ and small balloons. The festivities begin in the morning when people of many colors meet and color their friends and relatives. Holi dishes include del gujhiya ‘, sweets, ic pani puri’, ‘dahi baade’, chips etc. Which are liked by the guests as well as the host.

  The conclusion

Holi is a festival that focuses mostly on brotherhood and spreading love. The colors used in the festival are bright which show prosperity and happiness. Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil, which is the soul of most Indian festivals. It also teaches us to walk the religious path and stay away from the evils of society.

Essay on Holi in English

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