Essay on environmental pollution

Essay on environmental pollution


Certainly, the environment is getting polluted when mixing it as solid, liquid or gas. The main types of pollution are air, water, soil, noise, thermal, nuclear and radiation. Consequently, the reason for this is long-term and continuous development and human activity that meets the endless materialistic demands of the ever-increasing world population.

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Because of environmental pollution

Polluted air –

Industries consume and run coal, charcoal, petroleum their products and natural gas. Further consumption, they produce energy to manufacture industrial goods. At the tail end of the produce, large amounts of toxic gases pumped out or uprooted as a side effect of these natural resources. These are toxic gaseous materials – sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and minute untreated dust particles. Motor vehicles pose a similar threat to the smoke they throw.

Declining forests and trees are a major source of air sanitation. They discharge CO2 into the atmosphere and inhale the oxygen that organisms breathe. And as the throat at the top of the roof is screaming: stop cutting trees, stop destroying forests; for the likewise reason. However, they are necessary for us to decorate our homes as wooden objects. The value of a tree should be as high as a precious diamond or a special forbidden animal fur. Similarly, our refrigerators and other cooling electronics release CFC, as a result, a gas that drills a hole in the Earth’s ozone infusion that is slowly tearing it apart. It is making us aware of the dangers of extreme heat, which the world says as climate change and its meaning. Essay on environmental pollution

Contaminated water –

The chemical residues of fertilizers and pesticides used in farming get mixed up in the soil and flow into the water. Solid and liquid forms of residual waste from industries; Urban waste and untreated sewage and dirty water will all flow into our water bodies. Therefore, it is contaminating our rivers, seas, and oceans which is a threat to our marine life. This would include accidental oil leaks from sea tankers, carriers, and containers due to human negligence.

  Contaminated soil –

We are representing our soil from fertile to infertile. The indiscriminate use of chemically fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides to drive crops contaminates the soil. In addition, Encroachment on encroached land and encroachment of sewage makes it a dumping bin spread across cities. The Green Belt is the only ground for animals. Drilling, excavation and mining layers of mineral and granite, lifeless and rough due to mud and empty hills. All these factors make the land useless for planting and harvesting. Systematic, inorganic farming practices leave the soil to grow.

Nuclear radiation

Nuclear radiation is a potentially catastrophic threat to the environment from nuclear radiation, termed as nuclear holocaust. Chernobyl, Russia and Bhopal, India Gas tragedies are important for moving ahead of them, which will end the world and what will be the end of the findings. The findings are mostly man-made as humans. Nature will have to stop invading and return the reserve to whatever we voluntarily or religiously extract from our remaining resources for reasons that degrade and pollute the environment.

Effect on food (safety)

Soil and water pollution contaminate food, moreover affect health. Foods combine with the chemical components obtained through the first stage in their development cycle and end up with their products and sales in the markets. Beginning with the use of fertilizers and pesticides and contaminated water in the soil, after that to use preservatives after harvest, to extend their lives.

Effect on climate

Climate change is defined as the variation in normal weather patterns caused by pollution. Because of it, physical and biological entities in the bio-field have got affected.

In other words, known as Global Warming, of the Earth’s hemisphere. The protective, ozone layer causes the sun’s rays to slowly corrode through heat and emission; Stuck inside the heat.

As a result, the heat trapped uninhabitable for 50 – 200 years, after which it is emitted because of this our coming generation will feel the effects of this badly. Extreme and erratic hot and cold temperatures affect humans, animals, and the biosphere. Other unstable climatic features are – famine, lying land, intermittent or shallow rain, and snow, mist suspended in the atmosphere and mist of carbon particles. Likewise, Soil due to severe dust storms; Typhoon, avalanche, earthquake and volcanic eruption

The result

At the expense of the health of nature’s creatures, humans have made a substantial impact on their natural environmental wealth – conscious and non-living. In conclusion, the effects are now emerging at high speeds and weighing severely over 100th and more years.

Essay on environmental pollution

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